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Big Mountains & Expeditions

Take the challenge of a lifetime, an extraordinary, unique adventure that few others have experienced. Climb big alpine peaks such as Mt Kenya, Spitskop, Namibia or Rwenzori and many other unforgettable adventures and expeditions

Big Sky Adventures can plan, organise, facilitate and guide you safely through your dream adventure. We are Africa based and our scope is limited to what Africa offers. We cover like what our continent offers, something that is unique and different. An adventure to a big remote mountain in Africa that some people may have never heard of. Some of the trips we have taken clients on are as follows:


This huge granite batholith in the middle of the Namibian desert, 700m high with one tiny summit which you will be standing on. The trip will include all transport, camping accommodation and unique African campfire catering. The climb requires a multi-pitch trad climb and a lot of technical scrambling. There is a lot of other fantastic quality climbing in the area as well as unique sightseeing. The Kalahari desert has unique rock formations, strange trees knarled from centuries of harsh conditions, paintings on rocks from bushman who once lived there many years ago. And at the end of each day, we relax to watch the painted sunsets setting the granite spires aglow with rich colours. Then shortly thereafter as you enjoy a meal cooked African style on fire, the inky black sky displays a show of stars you would never believe was possible.


Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is an incredible experience in a unique setting. Alpine climbing with forests way below, through the clouds to the coveted summit of Batian and Nelion. A technical multi-pitch trad climb with some snow and ice climbing required. This adventure will start with a training program and lots of preparation. We will provide everything you need, you just have to be there and enjoy the experience. In the foothills through forests with buffalo and elephant. Into the alpine zone approaching and over 5000m, we will pick our way between sheer impassable looking ice falls, precipices and spires. We may be alone on the whole mountain except for the soaring raptors and the occasional elusive leopard. We will experience swirling mists opening up majestic spires and closing them to us like curtains. The elation of summiting Africa’s greatest technical peak.


Simien Mountains Ethiopia

Experience a vastly different world, with unique culture, dramatic huge mountains and strange animals and plants. Join us on an adventure where we walk deep into the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia to climb the peaks of Ras Dashen and Buat. We trek for 8 days, staying at fixed camps where we will sleep in tents. The non-technical expedition lasting 12 days will cover many fascinating aspects of Ethiopia, a country full of wonders, her people, history, culture, food and religion. We have our luggage transported for us to the night camps via mule, and you just carry a day pack.


Many other adventures possible such as the Malange mountains in Malawi, Rwenzori mountains in Uganda and Tsaramoro granite walls in Madagascar are possible, you just need to ask us.



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